Tutorial: How to Install GenVideos Addon on Kodi?

Genvideos Addon Kodi Install

GenVideos addon is best for the movie lovers. This addon provides you with high definition quality movies. In this article we will learn to install this addon and will also know some necessary information about this movie addon.

Kodi is a software application that allows you to enjoy movies, shows, music which are extracted from local storage or network area and are displayed on a large screen. This application can only be utilized through addons and GenVideos is one such addon. Addons are like extension to an application. They are required for the swift functioning of software. GenVideos is also such type of addon which provides you with some good quality movies.

Genvideos Addon Kodi Install

Install GenVideos Addon on Kodi

GenVideos is considered to be one of the best addons for the Hollywood movies in high definition quality. The movies available on this addon have been categorized in top rated, popular, recent etc for the convenience of the users.

To install an addon a repositor is required and many repositories are provided for the different purposes on Kodi. Similarly, for GenVideos you need to install MuckyDuck repo on your system.

Let’s see how to install GenVideos Kodi Addon. First we will learn how to install MuckyDuck repo

  1. Launch the Kodi application on the system
  2. Choose the tab SYSTEM and under this tab select File Manager
  3. Now select the option Add Source out of the options displayed
  4. Select the box with text <None>
  5. At the place of None type this URL https://muckys.kodimediaportal.ml This is the repo required to install GenVideos on Kodi.
  6. Highlight the box which asks you to give some name to the media source and save the name as MuckyDuck. Cllick on OK
  7. Go back to the Home Screen of Kodi Software
  8. Choose the option SYSTEM and then Settings in the list displayed
  9. Now click on the option named Add-ons from the list displayed
  10. Now choose the option Install from zip file
  11. Out of many drives and folders choose the file named as MuckyDuck which was saved as media source file for GenVideos
  12. Now you can see some zip files. Click on the zip file named repository.mdrepo1.0.2.zip
  13. This 1.0.2 gives you the correct numbering of the builds. Apply this when u=you have more than one zip file with almost same name and always choose the one with highest build number.
  14. As you will click on the zip file processing will start
  15. After waiting for some time you will receive a notification of Add-on enabled
  16. Move back to the option Install from Repository again
  17. From the list of repositories choose the Mucky Ducks repo specially for GenVideos Kodi
  18. After sometime Add-on enabled notification will be displayed

So now you can enjoy the newly installed GenVideos Addon. Click on the option Videos and then select the option Addon. This is the way we can install GenVideos Kodi Addon and experience high definition quality movies.

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