Download Kodi TV XBMC APP | Quick Guide & Add Ons

Kodi TV is an open source media player available for various platforms worldwide. It is a freeware which provides a streaming facility to stream movies, games, TV shows, sports matches and much more. It started off as a media player application for the XBOX 360 console. Previously, it was known as Xbox Media Center (XBMC) on the Xbox app store. However, since 2014, the application company disbanded their deal with Microsoft and changed the application’s name to Kodi TV.

Download the app

Due to its availability on various operating systems, finding download links for Kodi TV is not quite hectic. There are various downloading methods to get it on your device. The app comes with various add ons and extensions (namely Exodus for Kodi) for enhancing its performance as well. As we go through the article, you will realize how to properly install the application on your device.

Kodi TV for iOS

The company took its time to release the app for iOS devices. Although the app is still undergoing the process of being available officially on the Apple app store, the users can still download the app via third party methods.

However, a jail broken iOS device with an iOS version equal to or higher than 6.0 is required to install Kodi TV for iOS. If your iOS device matches the criteria mentioned, the app can be installed on your device via downloading the .IPA file of Kodi TV and installing it on your device via Cydia Impactor.

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Kodi TV APK Free Download for Android

Downloading Android applications via the .APK method is the greatest alternative to download any Android application which is unavailable on the Google Play Store or comes from a source which is not trustworthy. It is another application of this kind. Unfortunately, it is unavailable on the official Google Play Store. However, various third party websites provide download links of various versions of the app for the users.

To download the .APK file for Kodi TV, one must simply go on to Google from their device’s default browser, enter search “Kodi TV APK download”, find an appropriate site, download the APK from there and install the app on their device through the .APK file.

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Kodi TV Android requirements

Kodi TV App

Streaming media player applications usually suck up a lot of RAM from the device and also require heavy specifications for them to play. However, Kodi TV is the exact opposite. One must only have Android version 2.2 or higher to run the app along with a RAM equal to or more than 512MB. When tested by users on the lowest specifications, they found out no heating issues or app crashes of any kinds.

Download and install Kodi TV for PC

So far, we’ve talked about handheld devices and tablet operating systems. But, what if you want to view movie, TV shows and sports streams on your computer without having to constantly cast through your mobile phone? Well, Kodi TV makes things easy for you as it can be downloaded on Windows PCs as well.

To download Kodi TV for PC, one must install Bluestacks emulator for Android on their PC. Bluestacks can be downloaded via On the website, locate the appropriate download link according to your PC’s version of Windows. Once Bluestacks has been installed on your PC, download the .APK file for Kodi TV on your PC. Once downloaded, get to the directory folder of the .APK file, right click on it and run it via Bluestacks. The app should now work on your PC exactly as it does on your Android device.

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Kodi TV Extensions

Various extensions and add ons are available for applications from different operating systems today. These are to enhance the performance of the app by providing extra features to the users along with the inbuilt ones. Kodi TV is also known to have a number of extensions. Let’s discuss some of them down below.

  1. Addon Installer for Kodi

This is the best tool to download for Kodi TV. As we know, there are hundreds of add ons for Kodi TV available right now. Downloading this tool will accumulate all of them together to setup a virtual play store for all the Kodi extensions. All the extensions and add ons for Kodi TV can further be downloaded from this add on.

  1. Exodus for Kodi

Exodus is video scrappers add on for Kodi TV developed by Lambda. It integrates all the movies, TV shows and videos on the app altogether to finally provide an easy to browse user experience. This add on is available in device running Kodi TV version 15 or higher. Users with a lower version must upgrade their app version to avail Exodus for Kodi.

  1. Watch 1080P for Kodi

As we know, It comes with a large library of over a million videos to choose from. It is an old app and updating over a million videos with the best quality possible is quite tough. However, watch 1080P for Kodi add on enables users to accumulate all the videos of the best quality. Using this add on, you can view only the HD quality videos which makes the app easier to browse.


  1. How to use Kodi TV?

It is fairly easy to use. Once installed on your personal device, you may use the dedicated search feature to browse for the videos you want. There are various filters to browse with like genres, year of release and much more.

  1. Why was XBMC renamed to Kodi TV?

Earlier, It was a partner of Microsoft and was running on Xbox systems as XBMC. However, in 2014, the programmers disbanded their deal with Microsoft and renamed their project to Kodi TV.

  1. How to analyze whether the Kodi app is genuine?

While downloading, you may look for the developer’s name. If the developer’s name states “XBMC Foundation”, you are safe and that app can be downloaded.

  1. How to enhance Kodi TV performance?

It is recommended to play it on the best specifications possible for smooth usage. However, another tip would be to get to the Settings menu of the app, locate and deselect the “generate thumbnails”.


Today, there are a number of video player applications are available. However, none match the features and services provided by Kodi TV. Not only does the app update regularly with the latest videos, it also comes with various customizable features and add-ons to enhance the user experience.