How to Download & Install Kodi App on Amazon Fire Stick/TV?

Over the past couple of years, Kodi has established itself as one of the best movie, TV show and sporting event streaming applications in the world. Kodi was first released as XBOX Media Center (XBMC) on the XBOX 360 console but after parting ways with their deal with Microsoft, the developers developed the free streaming app and named it Kodi. Its main highlight is the fact that various extensions and add-ons are available for the app.

Kodi is available on various platforms for downloading and contains a large library of videos. Another area where one could install the Kodi streaming app is the Amazon Fire TV/Stick.

Amazon recently released its Fire TV stick which is a lookalike to the normal USB pen drives of today but instead attached to the HDMI port of TVs. To use it, the user has to simply insert the stick on their TV’s HDMI port and sign in to their Amazon accounts on their TV. After signing in, the user will be able to use a number of apps compatible with the stick. Let us discuss how you can get Kodi on your stick.

Install Kodi App on Amazon Fire stick

Installing Kodi App on Amazon Fire Stick

  1. Installing via Apps2Fire

Apps2Fire is an Android application available on the Google Play Store. The app uses command line tools to send Android installation packages to the Fire TV stick. Here is how you install Kodi through it.

  • Step 1: Install Apps2Fire app on your Android smartphone.
  • Step 2: Insert the Fire Stick in your TV and turn on the unknown sources and ADB debugging options in the Developer Options of the Settings menu.
  • Step 3: From the Network tab on the settings menu, note the IP address of the stick.
  • Step 4: Now, install Kodi on your Android smartphone.
  • Step 5: Now, on the Apps2Fire app, enter the IP address of your stick and upload the Kodi app there for it to install.
  1. Installing via File Explorer

This is the mainstream method to install Kodi directly through your TV. Here is how you do it.

  • Step 1: Insert the Amazon Fire TV/Stick to your TV. Also insert another USB pen drive to the TV.
  • Step 2: Get to the Developer Options on the Settings menu of the stick and turn on “Unknown resources”.
  • Step 3: Install a file explorer application to your stick (ES File Explorer recommended).
  • Step 4: Now, run the file explorer application, locate the favorite option and enter
  • Step 5: Now, open Kodi through the link added on the favorite section (can be found on the top left panel).
  • Step 6: From the link, find the Android version of Kodi and select the “Open in browser” option.
  • Step 7: Now, the Kodi app will start downloading to your stick whereupon it can be installed like the .APK files on Android smartphones.
  • Download Kodi App on Amazon Fire Stick


There are a number of app installation methods for installing Kodi App on Amazon Fire Stick. However, using either of the 2 provided methods provided by us above should get you through the installation process easily.